Quick Theory Test

We offer quick theory tests for learner drivers at the Dudley Test centre. If you are interested in our available appointment dates and times please text ‘THEORY’ to 07870 520096. We will then contact you within 24 hours.


OUR FEES: We charge the standard DVSA test rate for your test (to see these prices please go to the DVSA Official site) on top of this fee we charge our £30 administration fee (non-refundable). Please see the full terms and conditions below for additional information regarding these fees

PLEASE READ Terms and Conditions


  • Please ensure you complete the form in its entirety, do not leave any gaps. 
  • It can take anything from 1 – 28 days to find you a test to meet your requirements, there is no need to contact us until we have secured you a test. There is no 100% guarantee we can find you a test. 
  • It is important that you input both your instructors and your availability, if we secure you a test and you are unable to do the date supplied; and it is not stipulated on your form that you are unavailable, you will be liable for the £30 admin fee. 
  • If your availability changes at any point (before a test has been booked for you) a new form will need to be completed. Your old search will automatically be removed from the system. 
  • Once submitted YOU DO NOT NEED TO CONTACT US! A confirmation that we received the email will be sent directly to your email address supplied. If you cannot see it, please check your junk/ spam folder. 


  • We do not take payment for the test until it has been secured for you, we will contact you directly with the date and time of the test as well as a payment link. Please follow the instructions to complete. There is no need to contact us once payment has been made, we will send confirmation of payment once accounts have been checked at 7pm that day.
  • Your DVSA confirmation email will be forwarded to the email address provided.
  • Any test secured under your licence details is NOT owned by you until all fees have been paid. This means you are NOT AUTHORISED to move, swap or cancel this test, if this occurs you will be liable for the full test and admin fee. 
  • If payment is not supplied for ANY REASON, your test will be cancelled and an admin payment link will be sent to you directly. This will need to be paid by the date stipulated. If this payment is not made an additional admin fee of £60 will be added to this total and will be escalated to a small claims court. 
  • We are not obligated to forward on your test results and you will be required to change the preferred email to your own after your test date. If this is not done and we receive your report we do not guarantee this will be forwarded to you. 


‘Quick Test’ are not liable if the DVSA moves or cancels your test after purchase. All information about your cancellation and/ or new dates supplied by the DVSA will be forwarded to you once received to the email address provided.

If you cancel your own test after purchase we will refund you the full test fee. However you will need to contact us on 07870 520096, please send us a polite text message stating; that you have cancelled your test, date, time and location of your test as well as your bank account information. We will then be in touch regarding a refund as soon as we can.


    Fill out the form in full and draw in your signature at the end.

    Have you been ordered by a court to take an extended test?

    Do you require a disability test or other special requirements?

    If "YES" please can you advise below

    What test centre do you require? (We recommend a minimum of one or a maximum of three)

    If the centre is not listed we do not cover it.

    What month do you require your test? (We recommend a minimum of one or a maximum of three)

    Have you failed a driving test in the last 10 working days?

    Are you using your own car for the driving test (this is a vehicle separate from your instructors car):


    Please sign in the box below

    If you are under the age of 18, we request the signature of a Parent or Guardian. If you cannot provide this signature you are not eligible to enter into this service.


    Call or text: 07870 520096

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